Learning Blender Core development the hard way, and teaching the easy way.

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Learning things the hard way, and teaching the easy way.

I absolutely love Blender. I started learning blender as a 13 year of kid, and over a decade later, I’m absolutely floored at how far this project has come. All of which, is thanks to everyone developing it. However, jumping in, and contributing to an open source project is no small feat, and Blender is certainly no exception. So I’ve decided to do my best to compile all of my learnings and blunders as I continue to contribute. Hopefully it’ll make things a little easier for you 😊

Getting Started

Getting started developing Blender can be a daunting task. Even for a seasoned developer. First thing to do, is go through the new developer introduction

Some things that might be helpful

Need Help?

My goal is to help as much as possible. Feel free to: